War Imbalance screwing top faction


So during cross regional I didnt notice it but one of the factions that don’t even compare to us placed higher then us. Now someone from their faction joined us and said that their faction avoided the top 2 factions of the other regions majority of the time. So that explained their high placement. Now our faction didnt notice it during regular war, but now during this blitz war we have been quening for over an hour for our 2nd match while they are on their 3rd. By the way we faced them in the first war of blitz. What’s going on scopely fixed your matchmaking its worse then ever.


We are having the same issue, we have all but one of the top ten strongest players in our faction, so our matches are extremely limited. While the war prizes are meh we don’t care too much, but if the top war prize gets good we are going to be severely disadvantaged.


Uh, aren’t you in Dade? Maybe the 30 that were the last survivors before reopening should split up instead of beating on newbs.


We have Cujo! There are 6 of us who are good friends who have stayed together, and a few of the lower rep oldies stayed with us. But over half our faction is new players. We removed inactive players and some others left to go form their own factions.

We are discussing now whether we will have to split out and make new factions for war. But reality is, we want to stay together. We have been together for 2 years now and don’t want to part!

And as I said, we aren’t gunning for first, second or even fifth. You guys have at it!


ques in albert are the same way were waiting over 15-20 minutes while the team in first is getting auto match made allowing them to que more and overtake us for first place


I’m not alone when I say all wars are rather boring and mostly broken.


same for us… 5 wars so far in blitz… 4 of which against same faction…


Another 30 mim que and counting to watch a faction with 2 losses to our 0 pass us on the leaderboards because you’re stupid matchmaking process is absolutely broken. You’ve all made this fun game a very frustrating experience all for half a 5* pull.


Same in our region. Our region almost died. Just 3 top facs and some more still active. But if this war match system stays another top fac gonne disappear. We are in big fight in region with another fac for place 2 in war but scopely keeps matching us with nr 1 fac. If we play nr 2 we get after that number 1 again and nr 2 every time gets easy fac again. Same was last war. This is no fun warring scopely. The best should get rank 2 and not the one that played less with number 1 wich is mostly to hard to beat for nr 1 and 2


So far our wars have went like this. #2,#1,#2,#6,#2,#1,#2. We are normally #5 for our region we are setting at #13. So I know other factions waring but I guess we aren’t aloud to fight them.


In the past I’ve heard about persons watching the leaderboard to see if a certain faction is currently getting points before a search in the hopes that an opponent is found before whichever team you are trying to avoid (or farm) is done.

There’s always been loopholes and there will always be loopholes. Such is life.


This was a tactic used by lower factions to avoid the top 3 before they learned to stop coining/repairing and just move on. Points in a loss > waiting. Now us at the top are forced to wait. :unamused:


The matching problems for top factions have been going on and on for quite sometime, and I am sure the feedback has been seen by the concerned party. What does it take for scopely to remove those stupid hard limitations that block us for matching with other factions except the constant one or two??? Don’t look at your stupid data to say that 90% of players match just fine, because you are screwing up that 10% who actually pay your bills!


We are number one. Undefeated. Nothing new there.


Man. Somehow I withdrew my post when I went to edit.

Summary: humblebrag->agree war times were killer ourselves and the two other factions vying for top three could basically place bets on who it would be next round->$copely you are your own adjective and if the matching was better this wouldn’t be nearly the problem it is because the power balance in game would even out a little. There are tons of players who deserve it too but can’t because there isn’t more thought given to the giant red flag problem in the first place.


we are number ten. undefeated. 20 min wait times to other factions almost 0 wait time


People spent tons of time and money to be in a top faction, not in order to endure your crap second citizen treatment in the war. If you don’t give us what we want, you gonna end up with what you deserve FINANCIALLY.


It seems very unfair.

Punishing the top players so severely.

Or worse, forcing us to break up friendship groups and start new factions, just so we can play the game.