War has been canceled

With war being canceled and it obviously one of the biggest events would it have been unrealistic to have prizes comparable so it at least made the weekend exciting to get something worth our time? U say don’t worry we will provide same amount of rtp shields. OK but the event survival road we all know is the main event u have to buy cans to really push. Yes you can do it on free energy over the whole weekend but come on there needs to be more ways to obtain cans. 2nd the 5000 5* tokens and rtp tokens aren’t even close to exciting. I’ve said this before this games prizes have become copy and paste boring! Our region lost even more players this week, even before war was taken. I am not the least bit excited about anything In the game this weekend. Also I’d like to add 1. You offered territories this week with incentive and u didn’t sell refills until yesterday. 2. All the road maps up and there should be offers for world cans. These are just small reasons people start getting bored and not want to sign on daily. And now you took a weekend of fun competition and you made it another few days of no excitement. Anyone else think prizes should of been equivalent to war prizes this weekend to keep it somewhat interesting?


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