WAR. Group fill

I disagree. Sixes better for mid faction. Don’t get me started on matching or milestones. I’m pretty active and it is all out of reach without cashish.


Most factions struggle to fill 8v8. Maybe those who overfill 6v6 and struggle to get into wars need to spread out more.


Until the “Great Consolidation” comes to fruition, we are left with doing it ourselves.

Like LG said, spread that power out

Join RR in Butler.

No, I have even less patience for inactivity than for hyperactivity

Maybe it’s not as simple as “find another faction”, then, when people say they don’t like 8v8 war.


Nothing is ever as simple as this or that. Just leave you family, they say. Wont and shall not. but shouldn’t have to. if mergers were easier.

Simple to me. Senior faction absorbs up and comers. Been this way since beginning…

Oh, forgot this was not the music channel. I always have to have music. Imagine myself with a soundtrack.

Your bad? You think playing 20 hours on a weekend os great, have it keyboard warrior. They already have solution enjoy 1a I’ll slum it in 1b.


Who’s even fighting? Is it bad playing 20 hours? Or do I think it’s bad?

updated ideas.

Ive stoped caring about parts of the game. Enjoys other parts.

I remember this one time at band camp

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almost nobody, but some ppl

We trying to merge. keep the game going.

The flute. pEnetrate. sounds hot.

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