WAR. Group fill

Scopely. Can u make it possible for a faction lead to manually add faction members to war party. Those members won’t fight But at least. They can fill a spot in an effort to start the searching process. Thanks in advance.


Please no your faction needs to be active enough to fill if they do that it doesn’t reward those who are active enough to fill the que


Big chance you would pick that one guy no low bracket faction can kill, and getting a free win because of that.

Best solution are to get rid of the people not waring and replace them by actives. You only need like 1/4th or the faction to start a war.

Once again terrible idea. You would have one person factions full of retirees or alts. Join a more active faction.

Of course it rewards them, they get a free win.

Better solution would be random autofill though, to eliminate the “one unbeatable whale” strategy.

@Kent: There are just not enough players. Almost every faction here is recruiting like mad, and still not full.


Or go back to 6 vs 6. This 8 vs 8 is no good for my faction. Yes I know, our own fault for having a bunch of inactives. We are in the process of making some changes but for now it is hard to fill.


In Butler, Reaper Resurrection is recruiting. We trying to consolidate the region. Get ppl working together. Cast away the moochers. Yall know what im taliking about.

so much truth.


How about no… What would be the point of playing if a leader can just select a team? If such measure would be added there would be a time penalty (eg teams added after 15 or 30min someone hits Declare war), and teams should be 5 Benedicts


That would be better but I really don’t see the need to change it

I would be fine with having a 5 bennie helper team. They get wiped out but rest can still score and play. The point being, the faction using a helper team should not gain an advantage in the actual war, just fill a spot so others can search.

Let’s take it to it’s logical extreme: One super player with a pay to win team fills his entire faction with helper/bennie teams. They all get wiped out and leave him. Kind of like things are now with one player left that the opposing faction can’t beat. At least this way the other faction will get some points and then can spend the rest of the war trying to figure out how to beat the one pay team.

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I hope your group never gets stuck at 7/8 for hours when you haven’t hit milestones yet. Because let me tell you, it sucks.


I used to be in a faction where that happened then I thought well this ain’t fun so I left to a new faction it’s not that hard to hit that leave button

My most used words of today

One…more… please :laughing:

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I somehow end up being (at least part-time) leader of all factions I join. That makes leaving a lot harder.

Then there’s the issue that while waiting for queues isn’t fun, playing with friends is.

Finally, the game already has issues with activity levels dropping. The question is simply, does the game want to keep the large middle of the CRW leaderboard around, or not. If so, something needs to be done, especially if they keep forcing 8v8 on us,


If every faction in the region are not full and unable to fill I would say it’s too many factions in the region that are the problem. A couple of mergers and you would have much healthier factions.

Ruining the war experience for the active factions should never be the solution to cater for badly managed factions.

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I disbanded/merged my last faction for this reason. We’ve had mergers since then.

Let’s see what active factions war experience is like when a 16-region CRW has 32 factions on the leaderboard…

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Which is also the reason they made region transfer. People are quitting everywhere all the time, and need to be replaced. Some regions running out of new blood and people need to move on to stay active.

If you choose to stay in a dead region you can’t expect other people want to be dragged down to your level.
You need to make make the choice, be in an active faction, or accept that you won’t be able to compete much in wars.

Right now there are only outbound from a lot of regions. I expect Scopely to Kill off a lot of them in the near future.

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It’s a high activity region, according to Scopely’s classification. Far from dead, just Wave 2, about 500 people in the levelup tournament rn.

And I’m not looking to compete, I’m looking to play and hit milestones. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. By the time we fill, half the people aren’t in game anymore anyway, so there’s little down side to it, just a greater variety of factions searching which is good for everyone.

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Omg, same here​:joy::joy::joy:

8v8 is dead people arent going to put same time for a dying game with bad rewards


6v6 is worse, 8v8 not filling is your bad, not being able to join a war for hours in 6v6 just cause it fills up instantly is as bad