WAR Glitched! Please help us

As always…no official response from scopely…thanks scopley for your support!!!

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But the forum admins are on full scale thread closing lmao what a bunch of tools

Here on Lexington its the same

My game is also not letting me get into war :roll_eyes:

As stated in this post Cross-Region War / Friday 07/19 - 07/21 / 10am PST - Sunday 4pm PST, we have been working on finding the issue that is causing the War Glitch.

Thanks GR

We have the same problem!
A.c.a.b at Charlton (DE)

Sorry to say that…but ia the same always…pls dont work on it as always…Work before to come with this glitches wars…events and updates wirh more glitches then before.is more easy to prevent it in place of work on it and everybody be angry.

Hmmmm right after the start of the #playersunited movement the game is glitched and we cannot war (while wars are the only good thing left in the game). I believe in coincedences but knowing this company… I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they did that on purpose. What a joke

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Good time to retire :stuck_out_tongue:

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Colbert is glitching war start up faction que too

Experiencing the same thing here in Dade.

Gilmer is the same


We can’t War! We aren’t compensated, just crazy!

Yes you are being compensated, read the forums…

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War is still broken for some of us in Chandler.

War. It’s been 5 hours and our faction has not been able to p.ay a single game! This is unacceptable. Who else has not been able to play at all

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Same. Cant even get in the game now

Ironic coming from the guy trolling on a game forum.