WAR Glitched! Please help us

We are currently in war in Effingham Region matched and no one can get in war map. We are all locked out of it and can’t get in open and closed game. They can attack us but we can’t even get in war map.

that’s all we get trying to open it. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Please help.


Lots of factions in Effingham are having this issue.

Its all regions not just ours in effingham

Cannot war but some other Faction can war

Yup… Sounds about right… War should start over!

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We have the same problem

Happening for us too in long won’t get off
declare screen but some regions scores still going up

same in Claredon (PT)

Same in Lanier. Took all of 20 mins for the bug fest to begin

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Same in Decatur

Us too. In chattahoochie. My other region seems to be working. None of us can declare war.

Carroll too, tried to load a quick video of the issue, but it won’t allow it :frowning:

Terrell are the same problem

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@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely fix it. Or majority will walk out

This war is a really joke on us.pls stop laugh on us…we cant declare war and others factions have 4 wars or more until now.and we have 4k points without to can war.scopely u really need competent peoples as employers there.is obvious…after every update we have alot of errors…bugs…glitches…tell how u want.i cant understand why is a beta version and test things because always is the same problem.never i seen a game with so much glitches and errors.is embarasing.after every and every update…and again and again from more then 3 years ago…and with the time in place of be solved are more.and we need to wait alot for a new update to solve that…and guess what?with any fix are more others glitches.i am almost to naked my account and delete this joke.

scopely bug in full war fight! it tells us you are a reservist while no … for the whole faction ditto. while everything go well until … :frowning:

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So I made sure to wake up nice and early to prepare for war to then find out this war is bugged and some regions have already took off and ran with it… This being said obviously I will not be participating this war and hope others do the same. No point when they mess it up from the start giving a select few regions a chance to get a huge jumpstart.

Lanier has loaded again

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Most of Darlington is still stuck and for us Blount has ran off with it as barley anyone has been able to war besides them so far.

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