War format needs an overhaul

I wonder how many ppl sit in un-filled war queues just staring at the screen waiting for faction mates to get on so they can finally play the game.
Then there’s the ppl in highly active factions who can’t get in the queue and have to watch and wait for the war to end and hope they get in the next one before the queue fills again.
The point is there’s hundreds if not thousands of ppl across all servers who are online ready to play but can’t because of the way war is set up.
Going hrs on end with only 1-2 wars is not a good format for a game please put your heads together and come up with something where everyone can enjoy the game when they log on to play.


Exactly what he described in the second sentence. Read the whole post before pressing the reply button. :joy:

Isn’t that Onslaught?


I think it just means you need to join a more active faction. Scopely doesn’t dictate if your faction fills war parties or not.

Does anyone actually enjoy Onslaught?

I don’t.
Maybe if there were better rewards, milestones and maybe a leaderboard I would.

The entire game needs a overhaul I’m so done with the same shit on here just rinse and repeat over and over


Make all wars 6v6 and allow multiple wars simultaneously. That would make most factions happy.


I prefer 6x6. It’s easier to fill lanes and helps weak factions.

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Honestly they just need more attack towers. This is out of hand. And when 6+ characters come out it’s gonna be even worse. There should be 3 40 attack towers. Constant revive loops until you can decap them.

Believe it or not, there are several threads from people saying they want an Onslaught.

No its craptastic with the only advocate for it being ladygeek. :smirk:

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My suggestion has been let there be a range in que sizes. You can search and war with 4 to 8 people. If you get 4 then you don’t have to wait for ques nearly as long, but if you go for 8 you have to wait or have an extremely active faction. Let people move at their own pace.

Just because an attempt was made… Doesn’t mean it came close to hitting the mark.
(My wife reminds me everytime the bathroom is cleaned)

They just need to figure out a way to make them fair and balanced. No reason a 100th ranked faction should ever have to fight someone in the top 20.

Tope facs queue up non stop. They have plenty of other top factions to fight. Let the mid and low ranked only face each other. I’m sure if you asked them they would rather wait in a queue than get fed to the whales every match.

Every match for me is lopsided. Either we dominate and win in less than 10 min or we get crushed and lose in 10 min. I prefer the first scenario if those are my only two choices but neither is fun, to be honest. With eight regions and so many teams, why is it so damn impossible to find a fair match?

War used to be fun. Now its as boring as a level up.

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Can we just make CRW four regions again? I’m tired of matching all 8 number one factions one after the other.

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