War Fix with Autofill

The biggest complaint I hear from others, and the most frustrating part for me, is the wait time involved in trying to get 8 people online to be able to start a search for opponents. The simple fact is that with a worldwide population of 30 on a team, trying to get 8 people online at the same time throughout the war is difficult.

Players are getting frustrated by not being able to play and are leaving the game.

This could be easily fixed, making the game mor enjoyable by all, by leveraging a feature that exists in raids for use in war.

We need an option that could be used once at least half of the needed players have joined the war that would allow the remaining slots to be filled with bots of other teammates’ main defense team from that faction.

This would allow teams that have at least four active players to choose to go ahead and fight, without taking away from the number of points the opponent could potentially earn by destroying eight camps.

More often than not, we are waiting for only one or two players, sometimes for quite a long time. We want to play, and a Autofill feature for faction bots would let us do so. Bots could not be the generals, and could not attack, but they could keep the game going.

Please give this serious consideration.

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Just made a suggestion like this.But autofill could lead to feeder factions to farm points.They need to change something cause you’re right and people are quitting by the day now.

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Isn’t that what they do with onslaught?

Oh wait, that assumes it has any relevance and isn’t destined for the junk yard…
Please disregard.

We had a good chat about this months ago, plenty of things that could be done with auto fill to prevent exploitation, such as making you wait 10 minutes before adding a filler, making fillers “nominate” themselves periodically during war etc etc but if it wasn’t done right it wouldn’t solve anything

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“Add Conscripts”

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There will always be cheaters. And for a feeder faction, to do them any good, they would also have to match with it. More likely it would go to another team in matchups.

No, Onslaught is its own thing. I am talking about sitting there in war either waiting for my faction to have enough people or waiting for a match because other factions don’t have enough people.

Conscripts! I like that!

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I think the potential is there. So many times people sign up for war and the wait for a full team takes so long to happen that half the team is no longer online anyway, and you end up fighting with only four active members while the other camps just sit there. The only difference in this is you would not have to wait a couple of hours to run the same battle. And the amount of time spent waiting while it is searching for an opponent would decrease with others using this feature as well.

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