War fix suggestion once and for all

This forum is split between keeping 8v8 or turning it into a 6v6, why not just make 2 choice for maps? Bloody Skirmish can be 6v6 and another map could be 8v8. Sounds a bit crass but hey, it could work.

or go half and half, 7v7

Or 4vs4 :thinking:

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Them 2vs2 seems fun.

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They should do it, then give lesser rewards for a smaller fight party

Matchmaking is difficult enough; I don’t think they want to divide the factions even further.

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Or they could just stick to their word and if you want 8vs8 go to 1a and if you want 6vs6 go to 1b.
They could also make 2a 8vs8 (as long as they give everyone in waves 2 and 3 faction transfer keys). And 2b 6vs6. Then if people don’t want to move to wave 1 from waves 2 and 3, there is still an option of 8vs8.

No, if they handout keys I want keys as well

Fair play, every faction gets keys. And nobody can move down a Wave but can move up or between A and B. 1A and 2A are 8vs8. Bs and 3 is all 6vs6. Then it suits everyone.
Only difference then compared to what they said it was going to be is that 2A is 6vs6 whereas this suggestion is 8vs8.

You’re in wave 1 and want 8vs8 go to 1A
You’re in wave 1 and want 6vs6 go to 1B
You’re in wave 2 or 3 and want 8vs8 but no WoC go to 2A (If you want WoC go 1A)
You’re in wave 2 or 3 and want 6vs6 go 2B, 3A or 3B

Boom sorted.

You assume scopely can hold 2 different game modes? How’d that sorted out rewards? I don’t think same reward structure is fair for 2 completely different formats

Still think the body system is the easiest one to implement and would work for all. After a faction gets to 6, they can click a button to randomly body two players from the faction if needed.

This is no different than what some factions do now. Body system has been around forever.


That’s what they said they were going to do anyway. WoC for 1A, 6vs6 for everyone else, so they already have it in place even if they haven’t run it this way yet.

This would be the ideal

Hate to say it, but everyone would quickly choose 6v6. If the lower factions are choosing 6v6 and every time you choose 8v8 you end up against a top faction in the game, you’re going to drop down to 6v6 pretty quick.

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