War, Faction Raid AND Faction Level Up?

This better be a joke…

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What you mean? Three events at a time? Or is it an order of the next events to come?

Not this next weekend but the next weekend they have all three running at once

I’m curious how it’ll go.

It might seem like a lot at first glance, but for those top factions it’ll give people that missed the sign-up for war an event to participate in.

It’ll give smaller factions an event to participate in while they wait for more people to sign up.

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They cannot do something like this.

The most correct way to make more than just one event work is that an event where you must be active needs to be paired with another one in which doesn’t require much attention.

How are we going to war if we’ll be busy raiding, or how are we going to raid, since we’ll busy fighting on war matches?

This doesn’t make sense.

I just hope there are 3 events together cause they haven’t decided yet. No way to have time for all of them.

Really scopely? War and raids at the same time? SIGH. ANOTHER CHANGE NOBODY ASKED FOR.


Edit #BackPeddelingNow



Seems a bit overwhelming at first glance, will have to experience it to have a better idea. Lvlup can run with anything at least. It’s the Raid + War.


That’s sheer insanity :joy::joy:

3000 5* fragments each event. Almost a Full 5* If you Get the top 1 on these 3 events…

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its in 5 days, where are rewards posted?

No no no no… war keeps people busy enough. Just no no no…


It was a joke .-.

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damn I read fragments and thought it was part of a new event lol. MMORPG days coming back to haunt me.


Henrique is brazillian. In here, we call tokens “Fragments”. Doesn’t make sense, yes, but that’s how translation works on RTS. It has translation problems for other languages, so why not brazillian Portuguese? =T


Go the whole hog Scopely and run a Faction Survival Road too. :joy:


And throw a New Territory event too :smiley:

I hope it was a typo