War & faction communication issue

It’s been a problem for a while, and now I got to the point to creat this thread.
So, how are we expected to communicate with faction mates during wars when we have to scroll back all the way back to the faction chat??
It’s so irritating to see a chat window I hardly use during wars…
Faction chat > everything else


Agreed however some factions have created kik or line groups for the factions to use so that they dont have to check faction chat after each hit or tower taken.

Good point, but some don’t have or aren’t allowed to have extra chat apps. The game automatically opens on GC, then you gotta scroll, scroll and scroll.

I think they should get rid of league chats, no-one chats in them, and make faction chat default upon opening, like it used to.

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Thats why many factions have the line or kik groups be optional for members.
I do dislike the solo league chat ( no one uses it) and faction league chat is rarely used as well. Event chat should only be up for cross region wars.

Yeah everytime scopley adds something seems like it breaks the game.

We have Line for faction chat, but ingame chat is faster (tower strategy)


I will never understand why faction chat isn’t the default

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It used to be, so I don’t know why they changed it haha

The easiest option would be (as someone mentioned already) to make faction chat default during war

Edit: so we don’t have to rely on other applications

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disco voice stays live in the background even while youre gaming. just an option.

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