War faction bonus points

I really don’t like the faction bonus points just going into the “faction” point total pool. the points are effectively just wasted into the air, making it harder to reach milestones.

So why not take the bonus points and total them each war, and then redistribute them to the participants of the war based on a percentage of total individual point damage done. that way the 4200 points at the end the camp kill bonuses and whatever else can go towards milestones. it should encourage more people to refill (which isn’t a problem a top faction) to up their bonus point percentage… it should be a direct percentage based on:

(total bonus points) x (indvidual points/total individual point damage done) = bonus points added to your individual score end of war.

this would make it easier for lower factions as well as any additional point they can get helps. Also sniping wouldn’t come back as its based on a percent of damage done rather than last hit.

Interesting idea. However, I think this should be at the bottom of some made up list of things for Scopley to do. The HP tenacity of War Camps, and Characters is major, confused toons rushing is major, etc.

Although I think this is awesome. Helps us players hit milestones while having social lifes, everyone hits them faster, lower faction reap more benefit.

Im REALLY hoping this whole War starting Saturday thing isnt a norm now BUT in the case it is. This system also really helps.

This isn’t happening.

Personally I don’t think the points should be shared round. The points are for rewarding the faction, not the individual (even if it is shared between the people in the battle). 100k milestone isn’t actually that hard to hit, albeit a 36 hour war hasn’t helped. And it’s a Lilith and T4 six star gear, so of course you have to work for it.

This is how it was before and “sniping MVP” existed. You just save ur last attack and steal MVP. It’s a faction event and the faction should get the bonus, not one person

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its not, sniping will be ineffective. as this is based on the current point method, it just takes the excess points in the bonus, which are still given to the faction, and assigns them the to best performers in that particular war.

the 4200 and whatever else is divided amongst the participants based on total performance, the bonus is still assigned to the faction.

Normally I would agree that 100k isn’t unreasonable, but this last war was fking brutal for an Australian based player. 3am Sunday to 3pm Monday. I hit 50k but the dead time on a server made it no chance for 100. Ages to get 8 and then match top or second faction with a team full of Afk.


Nice concept OP but should be way down scopely’ to do list

Yeah, they screwed non-Amercians. 5pm Saturday to 6am Monday for the UK. Thankfully I managed to war pretty hard Saturday evening and hit 100k in about 4 or 5 hours. We were also active enough during the “night shift” (as the yanks call it) to have me finish just shy of 174k.

For someone who bitched and moaned about 36 hour war, it was one of my best scores in months!

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