War event and rewards

hello what time does the war begin and what are the rewards for this event? please thank you. Good war all :slight_smile:

War starts in just under 9 hours

Starts at 12am pt 5pm gmt
Not sure in prizes

Thx :slight_smile: for the return

Vk has them. Only top 20 get a pull off the crappy wheel.

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Hello guys,

Due to the change of timestamps of the upcoming CRW - I will be pushing all the information about this event earlier than usual :slight_smile:

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Prizes better not be trash :slight_smile:

Vk has the info… Copy and paste from previous wars

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They are

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Eh. I wouldn’t say copy and paste. They changed the 3800 war tokens into WD tokens. If they do the same, I’m passing.

War tokens were confirmed for this war

We shall see. I doubt we are getting 3800. And that’s what Vk has up.

Tik tok tik tok…just a couple hours to go…pls provide us the info:)

tbf we got 2000 war tokens for the qualifying aow toc war and crw are usually double the rewards of aiw

Hmm you better not look🤗

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I mean they could give 1 billion war tokens, and the top faction out of 16 regions will probably still complain that the wheel sucks and it won’t help them anyways cause they bought the new S-class 6*s.

Hyperinflating the numbers up top doesn’t really do much when the winners usually pay to win and don’t really need those rewards.

Come again :joy::joy::joy:. This company is a disaster.

I’m done with War this weekend 1 Lilith, 1 military watch and a 1/10 of a war pull on a poopy wheel, WTG Scopes good luck top 50🤗

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Its top 600 now. But still no change to the wheel.

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