War energy roadmap?


The roadmap calander says there was supposed to be a war refill roadmap today, April 24th, but it’s not up!


My I guess is it will be up in the 9 or 10 pm pst


Umm… Or maybe 11pm pst lol



Meaning they do what they want when they want.


Still waiting for it.


Is it even a good roadmap???


Yeah I doubt it’s gonna show. Last threads on it got merged and no answer.


You can never have too many war cans


This is what drives people crazy, how can they fail to launch a roadmap in a 24+ hour period nominated by them?


They usually send them during the afternoon for US and evening for EU, be patient.


It’s no longer the 24th anywhere and the ascension map FINISHED about 20 hours ago. You’re kidding yourself if you think they didn’t just miss it.


Scopee chose not to hold it due to needing more income from war can sales. Official answer was there is a bug in implementation of the new map and it has been forwarded to the develope net team.


My bad, for any reason I thought it was the 25th,not 24th


Lol, a bug in development.

They happily released the second romanov map that kicked you to town after every stage.

I genuinely don’t know how you’d put a bug into roadmaps that have been running for two years. And it’s not about the new map schema - most of the new maps work like the old maps.


Maybe 04/24/2019!


Slight change to the calendar, shifting today’s planned char roadmap by a day so at least we have something to do on Friday.
Still needs some massaging


I will poke and find out! Thanks guys!


@kalishane - I am hearing whispers of “compensation”. We were lied to.


Happening tonight.

@SUN_DEVIL – this is a work in progress and I put the disclaimer for a reason – it will be as updated as I am able to be.


Thank you @kalishane