War Energy Refill Drops


Has anybody had any refills drop in Blitz war yet? Trying to decide if it’s worth warring in this one.


nada, zilch, zero


used 3 got 1 back, 2 if you count the MVP. too early to tell.

I would get 20k and get the milestones.

update: 2 more wars 1 can each. So about normal, I would say.


Ok so they are dropping at least. :slight_smile: thank you


1 drop the first hit of first war, none since


Around 6 40k score in 1 hour and 32 min


just 1 in 3 wars


None so far


None so far


Zero drops here… wasn’t in war yet though.:thinking:


3 in 2 wars. Used zero.


Got 2 in 2 wars.


Started this war at 34 cans, currently at 43 so not bad.


Used 0, gained 4 participating in 2 wars. Restock only considering the prizes. Milestones are solid but weapon, elite and half a go at not getting shiva. Nah.


None in 5 (maybe 6) wars so far… usually when I’m Gen, I get a drop every 4 e. I’ve been Gen twice, nada.


just war, dont use any refills, just keep warring til you get them to drop. help your faction,

saying that doesn’t sound like you want to help your faction rank better.


The last two wars have bin completely rediculious I used -15 wAr refills from last war and now down -5 already this war come on now scopely this is getting rediculious @kalishane


i’m at 120k points (around 15 wars) and have 4 more cans then i had when war started…


I’m up 4 so far :slight_smile:


1 in 13k points