War energy display gone


During my most recent war I noticed that my war energy display had been replaced by my raid energy one. Consequently I couldn’t see how many attacks I had left, nor how long it would be before I got more energy. Restarting the app had no effect.

For your info Scopely.


Go back to town… then reopen war screen… booom war energy is back or should be. Happens to me all the time… of that doesnt work then close then reopen the app.


I thought maybe one day there’d be a fix for that. Not even after the, however many months it was, hiatus of war did this old bug get fixed. Lol this has been a little bug since as long as war has been around.


First time I’ve noticed it. Anyway, it’s back to normal now. Thanks.


Same for me, mine shows raid cans untill that current war is over…