War during the release of leages


Puts money on scolpay dropping the ball during War with the release of Leagues. Doesn’t make any sense to release anything during war weekend.


That’s so they can cancel war


Game is boring af for some of us atm and war Is the only thing that keeps us playing, every cancelled war is another step to the edge


I feel like it definently could have waited. Already people are getting server walker messages. Does not bode well



There is a level up between wars again


Every “dedicated” targeted offer from scoplie and every cancelled war illustrated


War counts for league standings.


At least they give you the plank for free in that picture. I would have to buy it from an rng back if scipley was running it


Great job removing the indicator under your player name on the war screen telling you if you’re in the war party or reserves. Who’d possibly need that information?



All of us that play the game for fun


You my good sir win the internet today!! That has to be in my top 10 favorite movies.


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