War Default Chat Window [Poll!]

Want to know players opinions on what default chat window to show at the bottom of the screen during wars. Some members have suggested they’d rather see Faction Chat initially, so just want to get a better idea of the general consensus before logging an enhancement to change this.

  • Default to War Logs (stay the same)
  • Default to Faction Chat
  • Either option is fine

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I hang this to request that they be added to the war record, that they attack buildings not only who captures it. thanks my vote is for normal chat

Defaulting to war log is a but annoying for me because I want to see why my faction is saying right after I go for a tower. Plus, it saves a little time

Faction chat is best so after an attack you don’t have to tap back onto the chat screen for quick updates on gameplay


War logs are a terrible default. Their only real purpose is to see if you’ve managed to score a defend/see who in your faction is having issues.

Please add a way to tell who is in towers and who is not as well. Since everyone is level 125 and everyone has the same leads it’s impossible to know who is in and out. Would greatly help keep ppl in line and kick those who refuse to follow instructions.


The default chat window will be changed to Faction Chat in a future update. Thanks for all your feedback. With regards to @Jason_theMofo’s request, an issue was logged to improve the info that displays for teams assigned to Strongholds.


Yay, Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks @combatman much appreciated.

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Wow! Does this mean we will finally be able to tell who thinks they are too good to get in a tower? This pleases me.