War Crate Improvment


War Crates are all good and stuff. But you should really take Basic tokens out of them and put a chance for war cans. Nobody needs basic tokens and you get plenty just for participating in war to begin with, Why would I want more just as a prize from war. Just a suggestion to help improve the game.


I was just going to start a thread about this.

I do agree they need to make some changes to the prizes from the crate. I understand @Vetramont’s point but we also get basic tokens from participating in a war and war victories. Instead of removing them altogether they could scale back the chances of getting them and supply depot points and give better odds to elite character tokens and Adens. Maybe even throw in a trainer bag containing 1 of various different trainers instead of just Burts all the time.


If basic tokens were given an overhaul I wouldn’t mind them so much. As it stands I haven’t opened any for over 6 months. I just don’t care about them and wouldn’t miss them if they disappeared from battle chests altogether.


This, 100%. Basics were made worthless by the changes making them worthless as a “reward”


I’m getting 95% low amounts of SPS. War crates suck imo