War crate changes good or bad?

Why scopley remove pervious toon cards why cant we hve all option like daily roadmap

Yeah I assumed the same. There were cards in there before though, right? Or was that just onslaught?

I know beggers can’t be choosers here but it would have been nice to keep the normal rewards, along with some cans. I will say theyve been dropping like s— for me this war though so, better than nothing. I

I think they have done cards in a mission format for war before, but not as a regular thing.

All these rewards are useless to me. I’m never going to have a 7* out of these at the rate they are changing.


A bit like that war shop trash😂

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Rick I understand, Frost less so… Frost will not fill his rush fast enough to start healing infection in your team, not even with a 20% AP huge on dmg weapon and the 8% from Rick. Especially since his shield guarantees to collect infection since turn1.

Not to say that Frost is trash, on the contrary, he’s a great tank, but he’s not really useful against infection, if that is your motivation…
Pete is the true medic to cure infection and if you haven’t got him, focus on healing weapons (fast healing works best with two or more yellows). If you really go after Frost, make sure to have a 25/50 weapon ready (25% chance to heal 50% HP).

If you’re in wave3 / wave2 or a newer region where mixing in 6* doesn’t mean instant loss and by chance have got Jessie Anderson, mix her into your team - her active heal over time for 4 turns and specialist neutralize work quite well.

And oh, by the way, the crates suck. They can easily fit 16 toons in a box, so why stopping at half??? Could simply add all the previous 8 toons ranging from 60 to 100 - that would be a true reward…


War rewards are sad. Only cans in milestones. Goofy cards in boxes. Too few pulls on the war stash unless you are in a top 3 faction. The spoils of war crates aren’t even worth the time to open and neither are the region rewards.

War used to be worth the effort. Wtf happened :thinking:

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Jessie is my secret weapon :wink:

I got 8 of the war boxes as region reward. They’re supposed to drop scraps or mods. Guess what I got - 10k scraps once, 6 silver mods and one bronze. Yes, bronze, FFS…


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