War crate changes good or bad?

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Personally I like some of the changes like Shane and Tanya I would of liked to see some of them stay in there like trader, Jacki and alpha.

Should they update the onslaught rewards crates for next weekend like they did with war?

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Because they’re releasing these toons at such a fast rate it seems we’re also moving past them in rewards at an alarming rate as well.

Which doesn’t help ftp or low spenders who are still working on older toons. We end up with a few hundred cards for each one and no actual toons.

I’ve taken to stockpiling card crates in my inventory so I can get the best use out of them once I have enough to start claiming toons.


This. I’ve never been less interested in war and onslaught as I’m picking up random cards in insignificant amounts that will never equal an S-Class for 6+ months


I could be wrong but I thought when they removed a toon from the war rewards box that toon would be added to the torches map.

Who was in the last war crate that isn’t now?


The toon that at available are goof but my thought is more option keep the trader and the other toon with him at 50 along with the new ones so you have 4 options of each 2 being new and 2 being old more variety.
This benefits free to play who don’t have the older toons and benefits pay to win as they get newer toons for there ever increasing roster.

Is it a good move or a poor move?
My votes is on poor.

I believe it was trader and Alpha, both of whom are now in the daily crates.

However war crates are a good source of cards, it would take a lot longer to get these toons by mostly relying on daily crates.


I think if they want to cycle them through they should ‘fade’ slowly out too, as well as in.

It’s very annoying for toons you want being collectible then suddenly not

Gonna be a ho hum war.


Wasn’t this the plan? The start out at 20, then increase by 10 every two weeks’ war, then leave once they’re past 50 and get added to the Onslaught crates at 20, increasing there every time until they’re past 50.

Yeah it does work like that but I’d prefer there to be more of a gradual ‘crossfade’

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I guess at least in OS I can collect Rick again. He should be coming up to 40 card values.

This sucks for anyone who is not a whale with a Pokemon “gotta catch em all” mindset.

@C.J and @Parker hit the nail on the head with their comments.

I’m am so personally sick and tired of getting a couple of hundred cards for every toon in the game instead of being able to work and earn cards for the ones I actually want.

Zero motivation to play and compete when I am gaining nothing for my efforts.


Funny how these type of threads dont get as much love, support or activity as other completely useless threads. Truly sad


People asked for access to newer cards. Scopley have done exactly that. But didn’t realise we still wanted access to the older ones at the same time, or that with the stupid small amounts we get it takes forever to get enough for one toon. :joy:


No I think they know that. You’d have to be awful dense not too. I think the simple and sad truth is they just don’t give a shite :man_shrugging:t3:

I think the changes suck. These cards are useless to me just like the ones from the last war.
I need Rick and Frost cards ATM as I need a command that can stay alive longer than 6* Spencer and I Need a Healer desperately bc of multiple Trader teams kicking my arse.

This war will be one where I put up 10k then just fill for my faction. Why bother these cards will just sit in the box in my inventory unopened like the countless other crates that don’t have the toons I need.


Kinda disappointing. I was working on Shiva, Rick and Jacki and was expecting their cards to be on the war crates. None of the three are there. Sure I can pick Tanya Cards but how many months will it take before I can get her S-Class? These crates have no use for me in the next few months or so. Smh.


Yall like the favtion milestones just being war crates?


They should drop them to 5 and 10, since you guys are so ungrateful.
You really expect to think that since you waste your whole weekend on this game when you could be hanging out with friends, you deserve better?

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I think that might be to offset another no tower war

Honestly i would precede more war tokens to do pulls I need the trainers and gear plus I am currently after wangfa so it would of been perfect or maybe a crate trade in for an additional 100 war tokens