War concerns with matchups!

So I’ve heard about a lot of glitches going on this war. A lot I feel are conspiracy theories but this one is concrete. We are in Houston en ,wave 2, and we’re somehow put in a top tier group, wave 1. Not sure that is going on with this but this hasn’t been a great war because of these matchups especially with Walkers from blount! That team is nuts

You’ve got aftermath, no? They qualified for TOC, so some players are obviously awesome in Houston.

All or most match ups are 7 to 9 wave 1 regions with 7 to 9 wave 2 regions. Unfair to wave 2 for sure but also I’m sure with WoC qualifying going on people in wave 1a are probably tired of constantly facing 1a

I’m in aftermath actually but why would they put Houston in wave 2 on paper but match us up in wave 1 teams? How does that work?

I don’t know who aftermath is

They need to feed the top factions with weaker regions to keep them happy. Why would they want to face elite opponents every single war? But there is a larger overall issue with event structure and rewards that needs to be addressed.

And like I said. Houston is not the only wave 2 regions in that group. There are at least 7 wave 2 regions.

Its a lord forbid break for wave 1! They made it 6v6 for everyone so wave 1 could have a break, because wait for it, despite popular belief not everyone in wave 1 is a whale & not everyone in wave 1 was able to leave. I am sorry that you dont get easy rewards this crw.


Its been a tough war to say the least but it’s showed me where my team is and what I need to improve on.

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If nothing else it is a learning experience. Most people throw up their hands and say no fair. Learn from the teams you face, try different team compositions, take it as a chance to learn and grow. Work with your faction on practicing friendly duals.


Think about the people stuck in those waves. Why is your region special? The wars by waves are stupid.

Lots of them chose to be there too.

Those aren’t the ones complaining. Way more stuck in A1 than choosing to be there that’s for sure.

Maybe you could go take a poll.

I know in my 1A region only 2 of all the factions chose to be there. The rest of the factions were stuck and bitch about it constantly in gc.

Literally what I was saying in my comment above urs. But I just got Pete and I’m getting my second Priya here in a week or two so we shall see what happens!

Yep. I was reiterating that point. Too many just complain and think I can’t beat them I won’t even bother.

It’s a product of my generation unfortunately.

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