War Compensation... BROKEN... SHOCKER

They really cant get anything right.

@GR.Scopely @TayTron @ForumAdmin


Fawk complete incompetence have to laugh myself I just Wow

i swear they do this on purpose to take the piss


Who can do anything with 1 damn survivor, or 1 piece of wood, and/or 1 food I thought I had seen some things in this game but this is complete bull$#!+

hahhaahhaah fail but expected

Check offers correct crate will be there


Quit now.

Look for the right choice box as a free offer.

Is anyone even surprised?
If I screwed up as frequently at my job as what scoop did.
I wouldn’t have to worry about getting fired.
I would quit and never come back from the shame and humiliation.


lmao<3that’s beast

I didn’t claim it until after scopely give me this choice box offer now I’ve got extra. Already use them tho.

those that didnt claim got double box compensation

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Yep. I just let it sit there and now got an extra lilith. I think there should be some more compensation for the people that were compensated but opened their boxes too early and thus negating the original compensation.

You need to break your addiction to this forum first. Otherwise you’re like those weirdos who give up smoking but still aggressively walk along the street behind smokers inhaling passive smoke.


Forum has more drama and action than the game…

The correct choice box has now been sent out.

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I can’t, this forum is like a sitcom where everything can go wrong. And it does. It’s a fun Trainwreck to watch. Don’t deny it.

Yeah, a member updated us 9 hours before you did about it, but you good try, don’t let the fact that random forum members can do your job better than you get you down, you’ll get the hang of it eventually!

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Good thing that you had the information as soon as possible as that’s what matters. Also remember, as a possible explanation that this may have happened during LA working hours and I am based in Europe and therefore slower to answer then.


Maybe dont start or end things when it’s not business hours or when there isnt ample time to remedy another blunder.