War cans in SD request


It would be great if we could get war cans added to Supply Depot rotation. We get raid & world energy cans here, so why not war?


That, or we could have 3 different supply depots, each with different gear and cans. At the end of one SD, we could choose one of these three that best suits our needs.


I would love an update to would include all can options:

  • Raid
  • World
  • War
  • Survival Road
  • Territory


I would like to survey (not poll) what the appropriate prices for how much each “can” players think these should be worth in “Depot Points”. Thanks!


200 for war cans would be nice. It’s still limited to 5 a week and I’m sure people would coin more looking for new types of cans


There once was a time when supply depot and war were new that war cans were in there. Then scopely scoplied it and here we are.

At the very least they reworked the can sniping. Would be nice to suppliment with depot cans, but it’s still better than where we were 9 months ago.


Just align them with coin prices 100 for raid and world 200 for war and sr (and whatever teritory is)
Id personally rather teritory did not make the leap as its pretty pointless


I would like to see if they would open another slot for premium cans. I think that if we hd all 5 rotating we would never have what we needed at the time. I like akearns pricing for them… I guess if the depot refreshed every 24 or 48 hours they could all cycle through the same slot.


I need territory and survival road cans too please


What do u mean they shouldn’t change the price for them they should be the same as the world and raid cans are now in the sd