War cans are not dropping


Because the cans of war do not arrive as before, this last war had more than 50 and at the end only 2 remain because even though it plays and for more points that it manages to do, it does not withstand an adequate song of cans


Are u still in war? Might be a bigger issue…


Started war with 72, 250k points later finished on 85. No issues just bad luck or bad use of cans.



They were dropping. I started with around 55 or so and ended with 37. Pretty typical considering I ended around 250k and scored over 20k in multiple battles


Stop with the complaint. Shane already said they didn’t change anything regarding the drop rate.


there is defintiy and issue with cans. The drop rate was reduced big time. im down 80 cans.


Thanks everyone.
I did check and it was confirmed nothing has changed. But, for the sake of how many posts we’re still seeing – I’ll see if we can dig deeper to make double triple sure!


I started with 37 and ended up with 4 at the end. They were dropping but which was good. Scored 270k but had a ball.


In Irwin cans were dropping at normal rate - much better than the start of the Blitz war.


For my faction refills were not dropping as good as they have in the past. Might be bad luck idk. They need to bring back the war refill token wheel. I dont mind spending on that for refills when drops are bad.


Started with 24 , bought around 5-6 in bags, ended with 0



Rather than triple check that nothings change, maybe get them to actually change the odds. The drop percentage is clearly too low, if nothing has changed.

With the length of wars they become extremely costly, frustrating, and will cause people to quit.

My other suggestion is bring back war cans in the Scouting Phase. It doesn’t seem like you’ll ever reduce the time in these pointless scouting times, so how about make them worthwhile for us all.


War cans seemed to be dropping as normal towards the end of CRW for me. actually at one point dropped 5 in one match. I do feel we were ripped of in the blitz where they didn’t drop. I wasn’t able to play much in the blitz war that they put up the next day to “fix” the issue so my stocks where left hurting. :frowning:


From what I could see the only time 1 dropped was if you successfully attacked a general or destroyed any member of the other team and after the war if you were mvp. That is a serious decrease in drops and that was after no drops during blitz war. My opinion is that it was tactical and all just to once again aim for our wallets because funnily enough after a boring war were you had to wait 10 mins between every attack the war offer popped up. Coincidence, I think not.


They want us to buy all our war cans nowadays no more freebies


@kalishane Can you look into the possibility of them bringing back the war refill token wheel? As someone mentioned above, this occurred a couple of times in the past (think the last time was back at the end of March) but it was something I know many in my region loved. Sure, it was random, but most of us would buy tons of tokens to get as many as we could.

I saw the war can offer for I believe $8-9 for the possibility of 3-20. Not sure if this is to replace it but it isn’t the same. Everyone who bought it ended up just angry. Most got the 3 cans and with the drops not as high (how it seemed for my faction), it was an extreme disappointment. Thank you!


They look at this data when checking.

Question – are we (the players) comparing this to the last CRW or all wars?


I believe it hasn’t been the same since war came back from its hiatus. First blitz after coming back they didn’t drop at all. Then when they started droppin the next blitz and up till the present it doesn’t feel like it was the same as before.


I triple quadruple checked.

All the same odds. Same for all wars. (except for the odd one.) Same everything.

So weird.