War cancelled compensation

Considering war was cancelled and not replaced only seems fair that players shouldn’t miss out on the velvet cakes they would get from milestones. Only seems right that all players should receive them as compensation and not miss out


Not just velvet cakes but all rewards from all milestones, even positioning rewards.


Poor new guys… I think you don’t know scopely yet.


ah them useless cakes most cant use few once off free S class needed toons here and there

Its bullshit that the pancakes eating scopely people just drop war again what do you guys think we want back 2 back lvl ups for 4 weeks dumbasses how many players wil retire once more for this incompentence company

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You will get the same compensation they gave for Jonesgate


How do you compensate the people that wouldn’t have got the cakes? Because we’re gonna be on vacation that weekend? Do they get the same thing?


What war got cancelled? And please no more red velvet cakes. No one wants them anymore. Why is it everytime someone doesnt lile something in the game they automatically want a compensation for it? War wasnt set for this weekend so how can it be cancelled?

I like Velvet Cake rewards


War was most definitely suppose to be this Friday per their war schedule before they changed it.

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I like the velvet cakes


So compensate for something that is not happening? A few of you clutch that straw so tight. So if you went to buy some item in a sale…but they decided not to have that sale you should get it free right?

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That’s called fraud here … to advertise a sale and then not have the item available for sale.

PS I don’t want anything free from war being cancelled … I’d prefer the war itself. Or a schedule upon which we can rely. What’s the point of publishing a war schedule weeks in advance and then keep changing it?

Yes, I understand the calendar is subject to change at any time. But it’s a very poorly managed project that launches an “event” like WOC and is still just now figuring it out. Either one of the worst management teams or intentional chaos to distract.


there trying to figure out when the next game changing sclass toon will be ready to release to determine when the woc can take place by the looks of it 1/24 or 07/02 guessing they are testing it for bugs as we speak

Agreed actually. Probably working their probability models to see when and how much they can get,

Well that obviously got changed cause it was never on the event calendar. That had to be changed before this week was added on the calendar. Doesnt mean it was cancelled. Cancelling it would be it being in the calendar then changed on short notice.

Either way if anyone thinks there gonna get any comps for no war happening is fooling themselves. Just like the ones that for some unknown reason still keep that Jonesgate tread open thinking they might still get something. Wishfull thinking.

The Jan 3 war was on the schedule from the beginning

Not when the calendar was updated.

Pretty loose definition of fraud. Is “here” in Europe? Not the definition in the states.

Sorry, the time has expired for further explanation. If you are really interested, simple google search of fraud or false advertising may satisfy your curiosity. If you are just being ornery, then ok any company can say anything they want with no ramifications. Idc.

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