War Cancelation Issue

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely just cancel this weekend’s war and reinstate it for next weekend after transfers have been and gone. Seems simple enough

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What would be more simple is to push the transfers until next week and let us war the weekend since they cancelled war last weekend on is already.

Or… Orrrrrrr…
Just let folks transfer.
Not sure why the timing has to be an issue.
Just let folks move during these next 2 weeks.

And also… Wave 3 should be able to decide to move to wave 1 if they want to.

No need for additional hoops for us to jump through and confusing restrictions that fall upon days that either dont exist or are interrupted by events that we have been told are problematic to transfer during.

:arrow_up: this awkward run on sentence is still more clear than anything Scopely posts.


Absolutely letting transfers happen over a longer period makes the most sense but they seem to want to funnel it into a few days. So if they want to do that don’t screw with war.

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It costs us money and makes them money every time we have to jump through unnecessary hoops which is another reason they have probably done it that way. I use my free key to go from wave 3 to 2 and then I have to buy an additional key later down the line to go from wave 2 to 1… my original desired destination. It’s laughable. As is everything that is going on

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I have updated the to ⚔️ Tournament Calendar this morning with the latest dates/times.

  • Cross Region War will happen beginning Saturday 09/07 5:00 pm PDT and concluding on Monday 09/09 10:00 am PDT
  • Region Transfer: Wave 1 regions will be eligible for both outbound and inbound transfer beginning Thursday 9/5 5:00 pm PDT and concluding on Saturday 9/7 at 5:00 pm PDT. Upcoming Region Transfer Details


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Care to elaborate on any of the more pressing issues like this whole transfer mess?

I know you are just the messenger but do you actually agree with this decision? Pushing war back almost a day and a half making the back third of the event largely unplayable for many people seemed like a better idea than just pushing transfers back until the next week? And also who thinks giving players a 48 window to transfer is a good idea? Why so short, pretty poor decision.

ah sorry, forgot it was back to radio silence again. Silly me! This is just getting very boring very quick. YOU. ARE. KILLING. YOUR. GAME! Sort it out

What with free mod removal??

Please revert to us on all our complaints about the Wave grouping, particularly Wave 3 regions not being able to move to Wave 1 regions!!!

Lmao!!! Great job scopes :face_vomiting:

Wars a shit show at the moment anyway, no fun 16v16 dead, really don’t know why they can’t go back to 8v8, our region fills pretty quick in aow and blitz and we are not the most active of a region🤷🏼‍♂️

I never received the tokens and why is that I cant move regions like they dont show any to join

cancellatuon of war also means we don’t have enough balloons

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

did you consider that too

most f2p won’t get Sergio
I’ve grinded all level ups, raids and sr
missed war milestone and I’m going to miss out orange balloons cause war got cancelled

This weekend’s war is still on. You should get enough ballons in theory from this war

war ends after the collection ends
I wonder if we get balloons

Interesting. I can’t remember the milestones amount but if you’ve collected everything you possibly can, you might not need to hit max milestone to finish it. In next level up you only need 1.1, not 1.4m, so hopefully it’s only 50k for war.

red I’ve gotten, hit 3m each time, only need 1.8m though
blue was simple

sr and raid got then all, needed to hit max for them though

war I only got 50k, from Australia, only war against whales, the changed start time didn’t help, gotten 200k once, had 3 nights and went crazy at war

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Finished blue here, need 1.1m for the last red. Orange is the question mark. I will do it though. If worst comes to worst, I have some saved up coins. I’ll buy a balloon crate. I’m not letting him go after coming this close lol