War Cancel Screwed us out of 4th Place!


@kalishane My faction finished a war with 48 minutes left and we were in 4th place. ahead by 20K. The faction below us was in a war. We all joined up quickly to get the next one in and so we could keep our lead. We waited for over 15 minutes for a match and then the system canceled war and we lost 4th place and our extra rewards. Almost everyone in my faction has messaged support and they claim there is nothing they can do. If there is still time on the clock before the end of war we shouldn’t be canceled, let alone the long wait times screwed us out of 4th place. We should not be penalized because of Scopleys incompetence. This needs to be looked into as it is very impact-full.


Honestly this isn’t that big of a deal. I’ve snuck an extra place in the leaderboards by taking a quick loss and getting a final match in. It’s always a gamble and you happened to be in the losing side this time.

No doubt it was cancelled because there were no potential matches and the search got locked out just before the end of war as it always does. It’s frustrating but put more emphasis on performance earlier to avoid this type of risk. Too often players think it’s safe to coast when it’s not. 5k here or there goes a long way.




I 'lol’ed


Trust me there was no coasting as the top spots were all very close. With 50 mins left that is still plenty of time to war and yes we were on the losing side of it this time which is why it should be looked into so no one is on the losing side anymore


But someone’s gotta lose. Just be glad the ending gave a lot of excitement, and sadly for you the final result was disappointment.

That’s what drives the competition and makes it interesting and worthwhile.


Right, but if we lose because Scopley decides to cancel war before the timer is done isn’t our fault. My point being 50 minutes is still a lot of time to war.


To be fair, the timer has always cancelled war a pre-determined time before the end. Usually about 20 minutes in my experience but may be a little longer. Not sure if it decides there isn’t enough time, or it is because you are the last ones searching after the “join before xx:xx” cut off.

Sorry you go screwed, but I’m sure if you had got in a war, the people you bumped would be moaning the system allowed you to sneak another one in.


search times are often ridiculous. once you find an opponent war lasts an hour, so with 50 minutes left to war that is not enough. there is a message saying 40 minutes left to war before you cant declare way anymore, or something like that.


Simple answer is work harder during the war so your more than 20k ahead at the end. War lasts 2 days, you didn’t lose it in the last 20 minutes you lost it over the 2 days


Very true. Everyone focuses on the buzzer beater shots, they forget the 100+ ahead of that final shot.


Yes, this is the simple answer, which is the optimal answer. All 30 participate and all 30 get over 100k. Not always likely to happen though. My gripe is the long wait time which prevented us from getting another war in. You should be allowed to match up if there is time available. Rewards don’t come instantly when the timer is done so if you get the war in before the timer you should be allowed to war. Thats like saying well there is only 2 minutes left in the game they aren’t likely to score so lets call the game now.


Yeah I do see your point, but that has always been how it works, no one has cheated you out of anything it’s just the luck of the draw.


I honestly don’t see how this can be changed. You were able to search, you just didn’t find a match in time. Most likely there was nobody left to match with and once no one else is able to search you can’t be matched. Did you just want them to have you keep searching until war was officially over? Seems this would be even more frustrating thinking you might have a chance instead of letting you know that it is over.


No I’m not saying we were cheated i’m saying you should still be allowed to search for a match right up until the timer expires not stopping 30 minutes prior to the actual end of war. We still had over a half hour to try and match. Also if we werent waiting extremely long times we may have gotten more wars in minus the lag and had the points we needed.


I would honestly rather we were able to search until the end. Like i said 50 minutes is still a lot of war time. If it was like 10 or 15 minutes i could see not finding a match. But waiting for 15 minutes and then having it cancel with another half hour still to go is frustrating. Especially since, like i said earlier it’s not like rewards come in right as soon as the timer expires.


Everyone had long wait times though, not just you guys.