War Can Tokens Please

Are we ever going to get the war can tokens Back? That is something I would actually spend on since drop rates are not a reliable way to stock up on cans and somehow in all the bags, I manage to always pull the minimum offered -_-


I miss these too

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It would be great if these were offered again. I hope for them every war and my faction mates do to. Bring back the war can tokens !

War can tokens must be before my time. Anyone have a screenshot of them? I’m curious. I have only been playing for 355 days.


Did those drop in war, or were given out based on rank 1-8 or were they milestone rewards. I would like them to bring this back too, I never got to participate in a war with war refill tokens.

I see all the Russian writing and I don’t understand any of that. I see what you are saying though now that I examine it closer. It is a better bargain than buying 1 war refill for 200 coins. What was the least amount you could get from a bag? I’m guessing it was 2?

They weren’t before your time. They came about 6 months ago. You could buy them and then pull from a wheel

Essentially you bought the tokens and pulled for cans/bags of cans. I think you could get up to 20 cans in one pull. The min was probably 1 can (can’t remember exactly).

I never check the store because I never spend. Never once, but maybe in the future if I see something that I think is worth paying for.

@kalishane Please give an update on this

Any word?

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Bring them back!

I really wish they would bring these back. These were a favorite in my faction, everyone liked them.