War Can Offers Messed Up

Your war offer chance bags are broken unless you did that shit on purpose. Used to always be pay for war cans that come with chance bag(s) of additional war cans up to 10 cans. Instead tho you threw in a chance at bloody t, viral or a cute little hp can.

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Lmao. People’s fault when they bought these offers.

I was just about to post the same thing.

Chance for one shirt? One replenish? Etc…

I have thousands of those items and never use them.

It’s ridiculous.

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That’s the default bag. Whenever a bag is referenced that is not actually in the game, it’s replaced with this one.

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Before you even try to repeat this bullshit answer on the thread, just know you’re incorrect @TayTron.
This offer has appeared the exact same since war start, and I have been on so far this whole time. Not a connection error, it’s a Scopley error.


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