War can offer results?

I’m weak and gave in buying all five “up to 20” war can offers. Obviously I ended up with 5 x 3 cans as that is the min.

Using math those cans are $9 MORE EXPENSIVE than just purchasing coins and refill energy that way. WTF!?!

What is your results from those offers?

(You need to get 19 or more cans to in five offers to beat the price of coins)


Yes you have been suckered.

Bought twice a while back both lowest. Never again


Yeah it’s sucks instead of it saying u have Chance at x amount should say Impossible Chance thanks spending 450 coins enjoy ur 1 can and keep surviving

Funny how RTS can violate apple’s ToS but we cannot violate theirs.

Always get the lowest or second worse result. Never heard of anybody, getting 20 cans out of this offer. Obviously odds are fatally low.

This is back from Nov?
Got x3 twice, x8, x9 and x20 (that one came on the first bag should of stopped there really but oh well, not buying again)