War can drops this weekend



Have been pretty dire to be honest.

How can some people in the faction get 3 or 4 a war, and others get one per day!

Time to share it out more Scopely


Actually where the match up is a little less good this war for me the can drops are decent tbh.


Only one can for me, which sucks considering how active I am nowadays in wars. The better option is just to conserve for now.


I had a pretty decent run the first 150 thousand points or so was up some but now I’m down nine or 10. Seems it’s pretty much always that way not really sure what the right answer is


I’ve had 4 cans drop the entire war. I wanna go all out and score big but I refuse to spend $$$. @kalishane , please find out why the drop rate is so bad, it never used to be!


I had 500k war points and a plus of 16 cans. Invest and earn!


you want to go all out but you refuse to spend $$$? :-))))


I usually break even during war, but I’m down 10 cans total. I got drops, but not many.


Was definitely below average for me this war


Its this lil thing called RNG


Scored 200k+ and was down a considerable amount compared to normal. Usually im +15-20 cans a weekend.


Lots has been said in recent months about nerfing the drop rate for war cans, there was one war where non dropped for anyone, but other than that I haven’t seen a change. Sometimes get a few less than others, but that’s RNG for you.

I tend to find the more refills I use the more they drop for me, generally leaving me with the same amount I started with. Think I’ve paid for refills maybe twice in two years, usually score 150/200k in every war.


During the game on two server i dont have to spend a lot of money for cans. The offers are to expensive for 2 cans…


I feel like if you are consistently MVP you will have a plus count on cans but you need very good rng if not, and of coarse it’s hard to be mvp now if your not general and not grabbing towers while 5 aliveing everyone, at least in my faction


Usually break about even ± a few. Down 18 this weekend.


Drops were miserly as normal but I see no issues with the pattern last CRW. I see upside to 20 cans for 10 bucks - sold only last day of war - but I am not in charge.