War can drops nerfed

People thinking war cans in the battle chest was a good idea well your wrong the drops in war matches are basically nothing they have been nerfed like crazy rather have them drop in matches instead of the shitty crates

This is said every war.


They were nerfed many months ago


A lot more this time round and last weeks toc not had one drop all day and in the toc I had 2 drops from a full day

I get a war can drop nearly every other fight. Always have.

Well your one of the lucky ones then

Hardly had any cans drop , war ended hours ago for me as soon as I can out of cans.
and I’m not paying ten bucks.for 3 cans. rewards are shit ASF and not worth it.
And this new war crate is all smoke and mirrors.
Learnt a long time ago if scopely gives something , it takes something away from somewhere else.

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Every single war there is a thread about this. Enough is enough the drop rate is the same

It’s RNG same as everything else. For every person who moans about not getting cans someone else says they got 4 out of 8 hits or something.

This would mean 50/50… we are far away from that!

Ive been playing for more than 3.5 yrs. It hasn’t changed. Always been that way. Some wars no cans. Then others i get a can every fight.

Only thing limiting my cans now is being unable to beat 99% of all matches. Cant get cans if you can’t win. Our high scorers get 400 points per war.


I’m having a bad war for cans for I really do think it’s just the extremities of RNG. I expect it’ll swing back next war or so

It’s not every time obviously, but it’s not unheard of.

But as someone else said even having a chance of getting a can is dependent on being able to win. Which is more of a problem for a lot of people than can drops.

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Im being matched with factions that kill my s9+ attack team in 2 turns. Our high scorers each war usually get 400 points. We haven’t yet fought anyone less than 60 ranks above us and several 100 ranks above us

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