War Can drops (good or bad?)


Anyone else having no luck with can drops or just me? I’m warring in 3 regions and it’s been several wars since I got a war can to drop. Just used 15 cans in 3 consecutive wars and got none back, honestly ridiculous, 15*4= 60, atleast 60 chances for a can drop and got nada :face_with_head_bandage::poop:


You are in my same boat my friend: /


6 cans out of 20 wars, so…



Drop rates are bad ever since they brought back war. Before bringing back War, I had 40 cans saved up, now I’m down to 4. I’ll get a can every 10-15 wins, Scopely is trying hard to push sales now.


Yea I agree and it seems like the more cans u burn at once the less chance u have to get a drop. Everytime I decide to go ham in a war I get nada, half way thru war and I’m useless to my factions. Not gonna buy those war can offers either


Been average for me so far :unamused:


Mine are bad


Our faction was saying the same thing, so glad (or sad) its not just us. War is far less fun without refills to drop.


Been in close to 20 wars, three have dropped. Only three. Scopely can cram their $100 offer with war cans. They are not getting a penny from me this weekend. I’ll play off of natural energy.


Nada here either…


They nerfed war rewards, they nerfed war can drop, they went crazy with war cans offer pop up. All signs that game is going really bad. Thinking that will fix their revenu problem its will only drive players away. Better war rewards with better war can dropping and better offers = happy players = more money and healhty game but scopely doesnt understand or doesnt care they only think about shady money milking


Maybe 4 drops in total


4 maybe 5 cans, dismal drop rates


The more I war the more I see you lied to me.

Scopely CAN change the war energy drop rate and have done so. It’s obvious. 7 wars in a row with all victories and multiple used cans, and not a single drop.

I will not spend on this game until this is fixed. Haven’t renewed my pass. Will not pull. I hope all players join this.

We don’t have the energy refills to fight good wars. Another event made less fun by greed.


I’ve had good drops this war. I’ve been very active and still have same amount of cans I started with at this point. Towers drop cans alot whether u succeed getting it first or not.


drops are so so , very inconsistent.


Lost 50% of cans since war is back ,
Everything is nerfed since offers have popup


Scored enough to get all the milestones, and in doing so, I got zero can drops. Ridiculous offers though for war cans. No thanks $$$$copley.


Well seriously i have 200 war cans and it raise 20 more cans this crw.