War can drops and suggest an auto join in war

Would like to see a change in how war cans drop for each player. It shouldn’t be random drops as for some don’t drop any. War cans should be rewarded when hitting milestones and also drop as a bonus when destroying a camp.

Second suggestion would be good to see a auto join button that can be hit on and off during war. As this would make it easier to fill in when not active but the rest can carry on instead of having to wait for so long.

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Great. Bring back sniping.
And hell with milestones - I want more than 5 cans a weekend!


If all 30 ppl all hit auto, what order does it choose who goes in party vs reserves?

you would either need to ask for auto fill after declaring (then everyone fills, most recently active first?) or a way to bump people down the queue to ale sure your actives are in

or let autofill activate 5 - 10 minutes after a war is declared. Have a setting on the faction to allow autofill yes/no

there are options enough to make it work

I’d like an option for searching 6v6 or 8v8. Participation was unusually low this war for our faction and we had alot of down time but last 6v6 we constantly had people in reserves.

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So you mean that a leader hits an “allow auto fill” option?

Because if you’re saying someone activates their auto fill after a declaration is made, you aren’t changing anything

Or get in an active faction. War is a group event, get a group or gitguud

Autofill = genius but need to work out particulars
Can after destroying camp = recipe for breaking up faction

Very true. Faction assault is enough. Maybe add cans to the milestones we already have. Though all they need to do is put a decent drop rate. No need to change what isn’t broken. #gearMarkers

Auto fill will never work. You can go to a faction of inactives and auto fill. Mvp everytime and gain numerous cans.

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Yes for the autojoin. Too many times in my various factions we were held hostage waiting at 7 out of 8 members

Looks like you need an active faction.



Well, you won’t find it in a post about making dead factions abusable…Go out there, be free to explore the unknown.

I think the player would have to nominate themselves to be available for auto-fill, and then a leader indicate that auto-fill players are accepted. This would avoid some of the issues from abusing dead factions - requiring all to be active at some point in the process.

Could also make a players nomination to be available for auto-fill expire after a few hours, meaning that you still need a level of activity but still assisting faction.

Above all, you could just get over your long fought rivalries and merge into an active faction?


Now this makes much more sense.

Yes, leader or person in war queue.

Oh merging, super hard in older regions, everyone is so attached to their bloody icon and name :roll_eyes:


Auto-fill is an interesting idea, with plenty of potential. Maybe put a hard-cap on the amount of auto-filled war queue, say 4, and a general/leader picks from a separate queue.

As for cans? Add them to a friggen depot! Also, expand the damn town, and add a “Gas Station” building, which would allow us to unlock and craft the various cans that each game mode requires.