War can drop rates

so started with 22 during blitz and so far this is my status. The drop rates are just pathetic. Please do something

Im down 5 (havent opened any war crates or collected mvp cans from inbox). 140k pts till now

i opened 30+ and not a single can

But this game is a business?
If they don’t gouge, how will they pay their developers? All those busted characters ARs aren’t going to fix themselves

shit :slight_smile:

There are better sources of war refills in game, with higher drop rates also. :slight_smile:

Ghost towers

I’m up 20 cans in crw

I’m up 4 cans and always use at least 1 per war.
Could be a coincidence but it’s always seemed to me like the more you need them the less they drop, probably intentional to try and get you to buy them in desperation.

Also seems like they drop more heavily on a certain day or hours during war

I started out at 630 for blitz war

Do you even can bro lol

I can!

24k away from finial milestone
You gotta watch the towers
And hit them every single chance you get

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Yeah this is bs they haven’t bin dropping now for 3 wars

I started with 74 and at 73 at the moment after scoring 100k. Some wars I get 0 while others I get 3+

Wow yall still complaining about war drops.

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