War can drop rate issue



Stop being such a victim. Always cryin about top players even when the topic has nothing to do with them. Hell, you only been playing 4 months, at this rate you gonna be fitted for a straight jacket by end of year 1.


How was I a victim I gained 10 cans never complained once really enjoyed war maybe read my post instead being a troll.


I can agree with @Forumlurker on this one first you said generals give higher drop rate not true at all and second you said stop attack low players first which is just I don’t think anybody does I know I don’t if I’m facing a low faction it’ll only be a 4 minute war what’s the difference.


Maybe just me then as I was getting way more can drops hitting gens and towers. How is that complaining or whining I was just stating a fact I witnessed. I Must of hit a nerve with you too I take it you like to pad stats hit the little guys get ur points


Didn’t say you were complaining or whining just like you expressing a opinion so was I.

That’s the point of war tho if I didn’t hit the little guys I would just sit there for an hour watching my defense get constant defends that doesn’t sound too fun does it?


U agreed with forumlurker guess you really didn’t read his post.


Tbf that was 7 hours ago…


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