War can drop rate issue

So what I want to say is when I started this game can drops were amazing I had a little over a 130+ and I kept at that total for a very long time almost a year and what I’ve noticed in the last couple of months that they have dropped horrible and the offer for them have gone up like for example 12 cans for $30 and I feel this is a horrible rip-off so now I started this crw with 49 cans I’ve scored about 200k so far and I’m now down to 34 cans the can drop is the worst I have ever seen and I will never but a can offer if it’s something we should be getting for free so scopley I’ll promise you this when I hit zero cans I will quit the game I love plz plz plz fix this issue. @JB.Scopely if you really want to help the players you will do something about this


I noticed that too… had about 30 at the beginning of the war… Scored over 200k and now I have 6 left… the drop rate has been crap this war. But there was that $30 war tank offer… hmm… Seems fishy…


I third this… War can drops have significantly dropped this CRW especially. Lamed.


All about that $$…they cannot be consistent.

Its absolutely horrible

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Yep drop rate has been terrible this war. Down over 20 cans so far

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Yeah same

It’s been over the last few wars in my opinion. Every war I end with fewer. Now down in the teens.

I did notice like 4 wars ago it seemed like drops were better went up 20+ cans then they’ve gotten just horrible

I’ve certainly noticed it this war. I’m down 20 cans so far. You think with all the issues the last few weeks and how vocally unhappy a segment of the player base has been with the company, they would pull back a bit on trying to squeeze money out of us.

New 200k milestone with decent rewards + reduced can drops + increase can offers = $$$$$$ for $copely


True this. Atleast drop us a “Free Roadmap” Im running low

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  1. Raise the milestones.
  2. Low can drop rates.
  3. Profit

All they want is spending. They care about nothing else.


Idk what your talking about I get 2-3 every war usually because I use a drop lead when attacking

I haven’t thought of using a drop lead yet. Ill do it when I get an easier matchup.

I’m up 5 cans so far and burning at least a can every match

I’m up cans and at 200k

everyone in faction is down, between 12 and 22 or so… most 150-200k ish pts

i remember when kalishane was here they nerfed the can drops to a all time low and she said that it will stay that way. then something happened and it was ok again. now the same sh. soon war will be for spenders…

Bump take this one to the team scopley