War Can drop Rate CRW


Can’t speak for all but I have to say on a positive note in between all the complaints (some certainly more justified than others)

The drop rate of war Cans this war has been very very good much better then last Wars for me

So thanks



I’ve been in about 18 matchups and only have 1 war can drop, others on android are experiencing the same low drop rates.


I agree, it’s better than last wars other than recent blitz. 15 wars or so and I’m positive while using more than one on average and not winning every 1st place one.


Are you on IOS?


Drop-wise, this has been the worst war yet for me. Down approximately 20 cans from my start point, and I’ve always either finished in excess or at a minimum broke even.
And since the infamous blitz “bug” started the whole can drop debate I had never noticed a decline.


I am getting drops.


Nope. Android only
I’m very fast and I’m starting to think this could be related considering my tm drops and their assaults. Maybe ? XD


Sitting on 250k personal points, started war with 31 cans, now have 29, drops seems pretty good


I get cans every war. Guess I won’t be running out lol.


Glad your getting drops, they haven’t been as generous with me. Bought 2 war bags of crap. 2 cans & 6 Burts, oh joy. Not!


They have slowed a lot on day 2.


I think I am -6 cans on about 100,000 points


Last war I started at 4 cans ended at 19, and scored 320k points.
This war I started at 19 cans currently sitting on 9 and have scored 90k.

The drop rates are matching the rewards this weekend sadly for me :frowning:


Drop rate has been similar to last war for me which was pretty good - Android user

Started at 32 cans - now at 37 after scoring 130K points.


I am +4 cans at 100k. I’ve also been foolish and wasted 4-5 cans.


I get a decent bit of can drops on IOS. Past 2 wars i have probably used 7 cans and gotten 5 back (including MVP can) so i feel like it’s not bad - also just mowing through the past 2 factions we warred


I have gotten a lot of cans. I am plus 2 cans after 125k in points.