War can drop low this CRW for anyone else?


Its easy to have a bad run of luck and cry nerf, but I am way down cans this CRW, far lower than usual. Cans just aren’t dropping as usual for me. Anyone else in same boat?


Yup. Multiple accounts. Way upside down in cans. Scopely nerfed drops, methinks


I’m down 5 from when I started but using at least 1 can per war, often 2 cans so rates seem normal for me.


Dude, gots ta get them profit margins straight.


No issue here, if anything have been more lucky than usual. Have been using lots of refills, and still have roughly the same number left.


Way down for me as well. Down 12 so far


I’m getting more drops than usual, obviously Scopely must have improved the drop rate :wink:


Started with 40…

Down to 15 :frowning:


From 109 to 113, 110k already. :thinking:


Havent had any drops :expressionless::expressionless:


Less than usual but I’m just about breaking even. It seems I get zero drops in some wars and the usual in others.


Im down 54 cans


barely had any drops whatsoever, been using free energy as I started out with no cans, only had 1 drop in the last 15 wars.


Who gonna believe if i say I started with 10 cans. Points above 125k and stil have 10 cans.
Lucky with drop here. Lol


Let’s hope can drop Sunday is real once again.


Good result for someone who quit and mocked everyone still playing for the longest time.


Down 43.


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