War can apocalypse

This war can event leading up to war has me legitimately worried that war can drops will be severely nerfed or cut altogether.

Of all the shit scopely makes us put up with, if they remove war can drops I say we riot.


Lol the suspicion crept throgh my mind but I’ll wait and see before inciting riots

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No this.:point_up_2:


Suspicious minds! :grin::joy:
And with good reason with their track record.

My guess though is that they are doing this to get us excited about the new format incase it’s a bust, kinda of cushion the negative things that may come from it. Or maybe they actually want us to have the cans available to enjoy it more. Who knows. … we shall see.


I actually think the reasons for such generosity, its bcs we may need more than what we usually use…now there’s a bunch of tower to use energy and new milestones system…oh yeah we going to need lots of cans … if they do this event every war week it would be very welcome.


Nah they’re just being nice to try and make money.
It wouldn’t be wise if they took out can drops.
With war being the main stay.


Geez you know Scopley way to well😂

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Seems like they’re beta testing live essentially. I’m happy to have extra cans and if the towers that were posted go into the live version it’s going to be a dog fight to get them. They’re game changers if you can grab them.

Maybe it nerfs ghosting towers. I dont know. Waiting for this blitz to see how it executes in reality before passing any judgement. I’m just happy they’re shaking things up and if it’s a shit show it sounds like theyll move back to the old war towers. I believe it said something like, “if feedback is good we will continue these events in the future” which leaves it open. Touch and go.

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These missions are only so that people have cans to try out the new system, I doubt they repeat them before every war. Remember, the first taste is always free.


6v6, 5 towers, 2:30 cooldown, it looks to me all the team has to grab a tower and keep ghosting after every 2-3 attacks

Towers get sent to walkers after 30 seconds if you don’t apply. You either farm cans and ghost towers or war. Cant do both now.

Nobody makes you put up with anything. You choose to put up with it. So how about you wait and see what happens before you come making posts like this?

wow Debbie downer, ill be sure to think about that every time I make a joke

So far you’ve nailed it, for me can drop is virtually non existent

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