War Bots coming to Road To Survival

With new 5 star bots coming into the game to fill slower war teams the question is.

Are these actually good for this game?

How do you guys feel about this new feature or change?

Will some just play now with a couple of friends to beat entire factions :smile:

Will this be abused to make sister factions to farm off of?


You bet your ass it will


Very good for lower factions. Overnight hours won’t be dead hours, lets those players score and hit milestones, and encourages them to improve their teams because they’ll have to do the attacking.

War might become an event I even like now. Lol


Bot fillers will be slower than factions that can field full human teams (or minis). They probably won’t win any CRWs like that.

Upon first glance can’t envisage they gonna assist with point farming at all. Mean the timing to get 3 bots puts you behind… even with one from.what recall they spot fillers only.

As said will help get more wars in if struggling or struggle to fill but if active won’t do much good

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Cant really see how that would work personally, but there will always be those out to exploit

the bots mean facs can keep going, keep warring during quiet periods so can only be a good thing.
Its something many have asked for in the past so i does show scopes occasionally listen

Not Sure, agree good for factions that find it hard to fill, about people with strong teams taking advantage depends on how long that timer is to use bots, all in all hoping it’s a great move as I need lots of lower factions to match me lol

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