War Battle Matchups


So ive been playing this game for about 2yrs now… And for the first time ever the faction im in is saying that putting the lower rep point war party players as generals gives better match ups. Ive never heard this before. Is this true?


We are the number 1 faction in our region we have 1 loss have been warring nonstop and the 9th place faction in rep is in first because we search for a hour it won’t match us up allowing them to get a ton of more wars in against soft factions … we haven’t even fought these guys yet the new system for match making doesn’t work . So yes scopleys is saying don’t raid any more .


Ok im not sure what that means. But my faction keeps putting the two lowest rep number players as generals for war saying it gives us the best chance for a lower faction. Thats what im askimg. Not really sure what all you said there.


Lower rep higher chance of matching don’t raid anymore


Yah that guys comment was as clear as mud. Thx bro. Back to English class for you.
In my limited experience of putting in lower rep & level peeps as generals it does seem to help get a lower ranked opponent… but its inconsistent and marginal at best. Sometimes it helps not at all and youre stuck battling a stronger faction with your smaller peeps as generals. Poor little peeps. Lol. But i do “believe” it makes a small difference in the matchup outcome. Too bad we arent allowed to know all the factors that go into scopely’s algorithms.


Bro. Why you bumping an 8 month old thread?