War battle crates


So out of the last 4 wars it seems that it’s heavy on Burts, supply points , and basic tokens. Out of maybe 400 battle crates opened received 3 adens, maybe 6 elite tokens and about the same in weapons tokens. Why are the odds sp terrible especially when people need adens more than anything for 6 stars.


You just answered your own question. They are rare so you break down out of desperation and snatch up one of them sweet deals.


You aren’t even doing bad. I’ve had one Aden drop since they introduced 6*s. I don’t do as well as you. I’d guess I get about 60-70 crates outta most war weekends.


Mostly supply points and basic tokens, third best is Burt, the rest is Premier tokens. Never got Aden once or I did but once and a long time ago.


I knew they were rare but not that rare


I’ve been playing for over 2 years, have not missed a single war and have only received 3 Adens from war crates in that whole time and none until the last 6 months


I receive the same stuff. It really frustrates me opening my crates.


I have not received an Aden from war crates in at least the last 5 wars (including blitz wars).
I war a TON and that means no Aden in hundreds of crates opened. It’s just stupid.
They need to add in some different depot points as well, and why are basic tokens even in there still when they drop from raids in war anyways. Throw some other trainers in there too. Seeing as how Burt’s are virtually worthless when it comes to leveling 6*s, why not swap them out for Brady’s.

You’ve “progressed” the game with 6*s, but so much of the rest of the game is running on the old RTS world.


How about some spray paint or gear we can use?