War battle chests


Is it not way past time to review the prizes in these?

Fed up of opening up the battle chest after a weekend of warring only to receive a load of basic tokens.

So useless these days, surely we can change up the rewards In these


Good idea.I got only trash (from 64 crates)


If they got rid of the one star crap in there and the 2 * weapons it might not be so bad to get them, but they aren’t doing that so we need something better in the crates


They will never update them. They know despite all the bitching people will still play for garbage.


I wish you guys would stop.
I play war for basic tokens only, and I don’t want them removed.
Quit thinking about yourselves.


I just want less basic tokens. I don’t want them from every war. I still use them from time to time.


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