War Battle ABORTED

Can We at least get the freaking points when we win these? I have literally lost thousands and thousands of points on battles I complete only to have the dreaded “battle aborted” pop up at the end.

Its not like it was when we had last hit getting a crapload of points. But its so unfair to start, and finish a battle for it to completely waste your time, and often times cost your place in the next war que because your delayed, only to screw you out of war points as well.


While I feel your pain, is it scopely fault that you attacked a camp that didn’t need to be attacked?

If the battle is aborted it should be ABORTED, not letting you finish a fight only to miss out on all the loot as well as getting late and missing the que for next war. Bad design, need improvement.


Seems like you should get personal points towards milestones even if they can’t give fac points because the totals are already calculated.

I assume your Indi points wouldn’t change the rankngs anyway?

I hundred percent agree when the battle comes to an end it should come to an end right in the middle of your battle why does it waste another minute or two on a battle that means nothing just like the other guy said so you


Truth is you tried to beat the clock and you failed. It’s risk vs. reward.

Well at least you do get to keep the rewards. What if its a can? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I keep getting 100 food.

Oh do you get to keep the rewards that’s cool I thought they were all lost

You still get that chance at a war can so not all that bad.

I agree with others, match is over when the match is over.

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Im just saying it tells me I win then it aborts.

It used to abort mid match, which is fine But after you win it should at least give you the points toward Milestones.

As for trying to beat the clock. It is not like in territories where your trying to match and it won’t allow you to fight because someone else is already in a match. If it did that would be fine too.

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Why does your faction not communicate and coordinate attacks? You should know if it’s the last camp and someone is attacking it, otherwise you just waste energy. But if your attacking it just for the hell of it then you deal with what you get.

As long as I get my rewards I have no problem there. Everyone wants the bonus for the last kill so it‘s a race one sometimes wins and sometimes loses.

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