War and prestige wheel

These wheels are garbage. Why would I want to run 3 wars worth of tokens to get Wayland? Why does the once a year prestige wheel give me a 5*?

(Awaits avalanche of cynical responses regarding scopely predatory business practices)


I’m with you. The wheels all need updating again


Yep I agree was really hoping to get cards but no just pulled 3rd amber on the trot from this wheel

Awww! :joy: 3 Amber & 3 Jiafeng so far. This duplicate system has never been changed.

Liking the cat

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I do not.

Cats are little vicious bastards.


Ok Richard and mortimer fan

of course it hasnt. i cashed in a load of boxes and dun dun dun

2 waylands. yayyyyyy well worth the effort

War really is not worth the effort put in now, before when you would get a new toon etc it was worth spending half your weekend waring (well not really) now its just really not worth it other than bragging rights on the top factions of rts thread

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Is this 2018 again? Why does anyone still care about wheels?

Because people want something useful from tokens they earn.

I know the prestige wheel is basically something for nothing other than logging in but people put a lot of effort in for those war tokens.

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No they don’t. They put in effort for the hundreds of Stoon shards (and trainers and gear etc.). Wheels have been over for almost a year now, time to accept it and move on. Cards and museum collections are the new wheels.

Except they’re not over because they still exist and while the wheels exist there’s nothing wrong with wanting them to have some value.


Disagree. I don’t rank up my s class beyond first tier in order to keep my highest team score down. With the matches this scores me some 6* are still worth having.

Not to mention it’s only a matter of time until they add a 6* arena to go with the old school entry.

Honestly I prefer to earn some world energy cans instead of the 10th copy of Mia or Wayland

4* wheel also still exists and no one expects great value from that. Or the Eagle token wheel during the 4th of July event. That’s the kind of value you can still expect from wheels. Significant value in wheels does not make any sense in a choice box/museum collection economy.

(And yeah, maybe they should just get rid of it completely)

Same. 4 of 5 6* on attack, 5 of 5 6* on defense. (And the one Stoon I have brought myself to use is T2L2, and that only because I accidentally ran a roadmap with Pam).

A good chunk of the ones still worth having are either on these wheels, or they’ve made them available through other means (Like those choice boxes during Roadathon, which gives players a lot more control).

There’s a few 6* missing with marginal uses, but they’re mostly much older. Can you imagine the complaints if they update that wheel to include Duane or similar?

Frankly I don’t think you can change anything on this game without someone throwing a fit

The wheels desperately need an update, no point even trying to deny that.

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Update those Wheels NOW😂

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