War after 9.0 update


So the big update is live and war rewards have been posted. The big question is where is the promised 5* ascendable character reward? Im sure kalishane can remember promising us a 5* ascendable reward after 9.0 went live.
What say you @kalishane ? did you lie openly to us or are you keeping it hidden as a surprise.


Dude… Lay off… She’s just the messenger. Somebody told her something that turned out to be false, not her fault. She’s probably just as disappointed as we are.


In her defense, she didn’t say when 9.0 is live. She said when the FIX to the character view problem was live and said hopefully the fix would be live in 9.0 but she didn’t confirm that. So, even though it’s very annoying to see yet another war reward announcement without a 5* ascendable toon in it, you can’t blame Kalishane for promising something that she didn’t promise after all.

And also, she can’t control what the prizes are, she’s only the middleman who relays the information to both sides (the community and the team) as best as she can.