War activity way down


We have 26 Factions total that have done at least one war out of over 2,000 total factions here in Harris. I understand that hundreds of these factions are inactive, but 26 total?


I wonder if matchmaking is locking out lower lvl factions. A couple weeks ago, on my alt account, we searched for war for 8 hours and never found anyone.


That’s honestly not abnormal. That’s how most regions work. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a region with over 50 warring factions that wasn’t very new.


I know with my faction the biggest complaint is the opponents are too high a level. Also needing 8 members for war is hard since most of our members are more raid active than war. We usually get 6-7 members sign up for war but we wait most of the time for one or two more. I think war would pick up in most factions if less players were needed and they we better matched. When your highest level player is 56 and the lowest level of your opponent is 68 that is not a fair fight.


That’s normal. Old regions like mine have over 100,000 created accounts distributed into 2000-3000 factions or more.

In reality, >98% of those are abandoned profiles. We barely reach 800 people in solo tournaments and less than 15 factions take part into wars.


It just sucks for the newcomers who want to play. They get frustrated because they are not able to participate due to the high level players. Sounds like war might not be around much longer if activity continues to decline.


Yep i think so too. They have to think about something to solve this problem.


I think the blitz war format would make for way better war weekends… Then make a blitz war 4v4… And these strongholds… Pfffftttt… They’ve been weak sauce


They could just merge 2-3 regions a piece then go from there.


Those are some good ideas. I was upset when I had new faction members that are just getting started felt defeated as soon as they saw the opponent levels. They stuck it out but they felt like they couldn’t participate and that should not be their experience because that could turn them away from the game. I am only a constable in my faction but I just kept encouraging them to be active, level and build their characters.


I guess you’re right. I just looked at our last 2 solo raids and there were 651 and 672 respectively. That’s pretty low.


34 factions here


26 factions?good for you my friend.

I wish I had 26 factions here


Man thats rough…I would love them to bring people to Pike.


Maybe they’ll do some more merges someday.


More? When did they merge anyone?


Considering Rep apparently is factored into the algorythm somehow…apparently it was ‘saving you’ from defeat.


We all consider our region dead/dying. We had 30 factions just like those screenshots, the factions in 30th barely have like 2-3 matches :neutral_face:


Same in Ben Hill…much less faction participation this last war. Have 2 accts there and each faction was consistently matched with much higher ranked factions. Getting your ass spanked all the time doesn’t encourage players to return.