War activity survey


What is the level of activity in your region (s)?

A third of the way thru:

Dallas, 14 on scoreboard, 9 with more than 8 battles

Escambia, 22 on scoreboard, 11 with more than 7 battles

Walton, 21 on scoreboard, 11 with more than 10 battles

With these numbers I expect next CRW will again be 8 region matchups.


Elbert checking in
12 factions have warred and scored. Top 1-8 have 10+wars , 9th-12th place have 5 wars or less. Its quite pitiful to see.



39 wars for the top of leaderboard.


Marion region:


Bleckley dying



Here’s Rabun:


Crenshaw region


Murray(es) is dying too


23 in Irwin.


Irwin 23 have warred. 10th is 3-9



Just an example screenshot. 23 actively on the leaderboard. Starting at #12 less than 10 wars.


We Have 9 with 1 match and only 11 a few more matches with only top 5 dueling it out but now 5 is starting to lose morale fighting the top faction every other match.




Spoiler alert first place is 11-0


Bulloch 17 factions warring. Only 10 factions with 10 or more wars. Rip Bulloch :(. Most boring war ever and low chance to hit all milestones.


That really sucks man. I can’t imagine


This looks real bad. How they don’t get on region mergers is beyond me. Just wow. Proves how much they really don’t care.


Madison Region.


Only 10 factions with more than 10 wars here… 16 total have quês. Somehow 3 have quês once… why they do region wars is beyond me